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I realize I am a princess.

I do not expect anyone to give me presents. No one is obligated to shower me with gifts (except for those of you who are money slaves, dreaming of my hands reaching into your pocket for your . . . wallet).

I also realize that many people just enjoy giving gifts simply because it makes them feel good. If you are one of those people who loves opportunities to pleasure a girl with presents (or are specifically interested in pleasuring me), here is some information about my wishes, desires, and preferences.

Mail gifts or make donations:
Georgia Peach
P.O. Box 6233
Spring Hill, Fl 34609
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I love being spoiled! If you want you can either send me a donation through Paypal or be a Gentelment and go to my Amazon Wishlist and buy me a laptopon my wishlist!

What I am looking for right now is either a Sugar Daddy or a Money slave that will either donate money or buy me a laptop in return it will work out like this : You will earn credits to get FREE camshows, private video, private pictures, worn garments, naughty phone calls.

Favorite Colors for Clothes:
Black, white, orange, pink, salmon, coral,
and most shades of blue.

Brown, silver and red are nice too. Dainty floral prints, small polka dots, etc. are cute.

My Top Twenty Wishes on Amazon:
Amazon Wishlist

My Birthday: December 4th

Shoe Size: 7
Pantyhose: medium/shortest available
Bra Size: 34D
Panties: medium
Tops: medium
Dresses: 7/8 (Petite if available)
Gloves: as small as possible without being child sized

Sexy Shopping:

Frederick's of Hollywood
Agent Provocateur
La Perla on eLuxury
Versatile Corsets
Absolute Corsets
Good Vibrations

Things I Like:
•Toki Doki
•Hello Kitty
•Tiffany and Co.
•Marc Jacobs Perfume
•Vibrating Sex Toys
•Pantyhose & Stockings
•Music (burned cd mixes are welcome!)
•Gift Cards
•Blankets & Pillows
•Nightmare Before Christmas collectibles
•Sexy Lingerie
•Pin-Up Girl collectibles
•Vintage/retro sexy shoes (peep-toes, pumps circa WWII, etc.)
•Vintage gloves, girdles, stockings, pantyhose, brassieres, etc.
•Handwritten letters/words
•Lush Products
•Jasmine Tea
•Unique sex toys
•Corsets, waist-cinchers, etc.
•Stuffed Animals
•Books (used books are welcome!)

OPTIONAL: If you'd like to propose an exchange (for example, if you have a rubber fetish and want to send me your mom's old swim cap to pose in so you can see the pictures) let me know!
Exchanges must be of comparable value; don't expect to send me a pair of cheap panties and get a series of 25 photos with some guy cumming on my face while I'm wearing your generous gift).

Things I don't Like:
•STINKY candles
•Unspoken obligations accompanying gifts
•Movies in Subtitles

What To Expect
Sugar Daddy - Vip Service includes:
Yahoo Messanger, Skype, and MSN priority.
Custom Picture and/or Video Sets
Private One on One Camshows
Sugar Daddy Only Monthly Camshows

What To Expect
Money Pig - Service Includes:
Ignoring You Financial Domination Domination BlackMail • BDSM Humiliation Spanking Cuckold BDSM Cuckold

Sugar Daddy Application

If you are planning on serving me more than once or on a regular basis then complete the form below. If you just want to make a one off payment then click here .

Only SERIOUS slaves need apply. A cash tribute (no less than $100) is expected within 48 hours of submitting this form.

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